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Calculate Pain and Suffering Settlement and Bodily Injury Awards

If you calculate pain and suffering settlements and/or bodily injury awards solely based on the amount of your medical bills, the amount of vehicle repairs, and the estimated amount of future treatment, you are bound to get an inaccurate value of your injury (and very possibly a substantially discounted value for your injury). 


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Most consumers want to be treated fairly, but they have a difficult time when they calculate settlements with the wrong information or the wrong figures.


Some legal professionals and some information on different websites suggest that to calculate pain and suffering properly, a consumer must first multiply medical expenses by two or three, and then work out a range of negotiation to get to that value with the insurance adjuster.


The issue with this method of calculation is that it does not account for the true variables that affect bodily injury awards.


For example, you need to consider the gravity of the injury, the likelihood that there will be a re-injury, the likely expenses for future treatment, and more importantly, the future pain and suffering. Other variables include your jurisdiction's culture, the average bodily injury award in your county, and the average personal injury settlement in mandatory arbitration.


Only an attorney can get this information for you. We have the proper legal tools to look at the proper value of your claim in your local jurisdiction and compare them to the other local awards and give you the proper range. We can also take into account your future pain and suffering, future medical expenses, and loss of consortium.

If you want us to show you how to calculate pain and suffering or you want one of our local attorneys to evaluate your claim (for free), please complete the form below.

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Simply trying to  get a value or range of values on incorrect information will only lead you to an incorrect value, making you settle your own injury claim for hundreds if not thousand of dollars less.


If you believe you know how to evaluate your claim correctly, you lose nothing by having one of our lawyers do a free evaluation of jury and arbitration awards in your jurisdiction.

Future pain and suffering, future loss wages, future loss of essential services, loss of consortium, future medical out of pocket expenses are variables that you need to consider or you will be leaving money on the table.


It is a good idea to establish a range of negotiation so you can have some flexibility when dealing with aggressive insurance adjusters. Insurance companies train their adjusters to have a range of negotiation; however, adjuster's range of negotiation is based on the original bodily injury reserve set at the beginning of the claim (when the insurance company first learns of the claim).


Please contact our law office for more information about how to calculate pain and suffering by completing the form above.

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Personal Injury Lawyers

If you are involved in a car accident or have any kind of personal injury claim, we can help you evaluate and/or negotiate your damages. We can take your matter all the way to trial.


Most consumers attempt to settle their own claim, but fail to properly evaluate to their injury.


You will not know if you have a good settlement offer if you do not evaluate your claim properly. Our attorneys (picture on the left) can look over


your damages and all other relevant facts of your case to give you a better understanding of your case.


You were already injured once, no need to settle your claim for substantially less than what you deserve! The evaluation is free, so you lose nothing.

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Personal Injury LawyersWe have been evaluating insurance claims for over a decade! Before law school, our staff attorney was a personal injury and casualty for several years!


We know how insurance companies work. We understand how they place value on injury claims. We also know what they look for to devalue your injury and how to protect you against that.


Insurance companies reserve funds to settle claims like yours (bodily injury reserve) according to your reported injuries and recorded statement. After that, you must provide them with a specific list of evidence to compel a

strong settlement.

We used to work for insurance companies, now - as attorneys, we aggressively litigate against them! Contact us today!

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